Due to previously met complications, this page will be our new page with admin contact information. It will include redirecting links to their Profile Pages and a small Summary of what they do on the wiki.

Dark Lord Revan

Founded the Pikmin Wiki in 2005. Rarely active, but checks in occasionally.

User page: Dark Lord Revan


I'm a long-time member here at Wikia and became an admin on several of them to help clean them up and ward off vandalism. I will be helping to do the same here and get this wiki back up on its feet.

User page: RRabbit42


I've been a Pikmin fan since the original on GameCube and a user of this wiki since around 2010, although I didn't become an editor until 2013. Talk to me if you want to know anything Pikmin related or have ideas for making this place more community friendly. I go through new edits checking and correcting them, so don't be surprised if your edit is changed, and please let me know me if you think I was wrong in modifying one of your edits.

User page: Kirbyddd

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