Map Icons are Icons that show where things are in the map.  The three games have added and/or changed some of the icons throughout the series.


The maps in Pikmin feature only a few icons to stand out. These include:

Ship Parts- The missing parts of the Dolphin are represented by small white stars on the map.

Dolphin- Olimar's ship is represented by a minature ship icon that resembles the actual thing.

Pikmin- The Pikmin are represented by small dots corresponding to the Pikmin's color.

Onions- Similar to the Pikmin, the Onions are represented by dots matching their color. These dots, however, are larger and paler than those for the Pikmin (e.g. Red Onion is larger and of a paler shade of red).

Pikmin 2

Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 brought a major change to the map changing all of the icons and adding new ones.

Signal Icon- The signal Icon was introduced in Pikmin 3 and shows where the main objective in the level is.

Data File Icon- This icon represents the Data Files. Clicking on it reveals the Data File menu.

Map Icon- This icon represents the Area Map. It is set to be on as default. It is used for the Go Here feature. 

Pikmin Icon- This icon represents the Pikmin Count. Clicking on it allows for a more detailed Pikmin counter, with things such as Idle Pikmin, Working Pikmin, etc.

Fruit File Icon- This icon represents the Fruit. Clicking on it allows the player to see Brittany's comments on the various fruits, as well as other info on the fruits.

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