The Mandiblard Family consists of four known species, two of which are known to demonstrate a degree of sexual dimorphism not uncommon to insects. As a whole, they have little vitality and are not especially dangerous, but like the Cloaking Burrow-nit, they are infamous for tearing apart nearby stick bridges which Pikmin have built. Due to their general inability to present any danger, these enemies are usually found in groups of 3 or more, and are always buried in the ground, appearing only when a Captain or Pikmin approaches close by.

Male Sheargrubs

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Male sheargrub

Male Sheargrubs have a dark purple shell and large mandibles. They are capable of attacking Olimar and the Pikmin, but are not a serious threat, as they can only eat one Pikmin at a time. In Pikmin, when a Male Sheargrub has a Pikmin in its mouth, it is invulnerable to most attacks and can only be defeated either after it has eaten the Pikmin, or if a Pikmin is thrown directly onto its back. This was fixed in Pikmin 2, allowing players to kill them by any method, even if they have a Pikmin in their jaws.

Female Sheargrubs

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Female sheargrub

Female Sheargrubs are a much lighter color than the males and have significantly smaller mandibles, making them unable to cause direct harm to you or your Pikmin, though they are still a menace for bridge. They can be ignored in most situations, perhaps only useful as a means of easy-access Nectar, which they will produce if killed while petrified.

Swarming Sheargrub

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Swarming sheargrub

The Swarming Sheargrub is a large Mandiblard that is somewhat similar to the Female Sheargrub in appearance, besides size and color. They are known to follow Pikmin from a distance, and can be a distraction to your Pikmin swarm. They can grow in size after consuming a dose of Nectar, and can weigh down objects.


Main article: Shearwig

Shearwigs are enemies that appear in all three Pikmin games. The females of this species are never seen, as they spend nearly their entire life underground. The males have a dark green shell, sporting simple wings and large, sickle-shaped mandibles. They are slightly more aggressive than Male Sheargrubs and will fly to safety when their health descends to the yellow zone; up in the air, they regain health. One well-aimed Pikmin will bring a flying Shearwig down for good. Both Sheargrubs and Shearwigs will drown quickly in water, so luring them into a pool is an alternative strategy if you're short of Pikmin. Shearwigs deal the most damage to captains out of any enemy in Pikmin 2. 

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