In the game Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga there is a variety of unused sprites. The most interesting however was the amount of sprites of Nintendo characters who would appear before Mario. A cutscene would be triggered whenever Mario and Luigi created a new stat boosting coffee at the Starbeans Cafe. Many Nintendo characters apeared in  the cafe to taste the new creation. The characters include Olimar, Samus, Wario, Link, Fox McCloud, and an Excutebike racer.

Olimar and Pikmin

Captain Olimar would emerge and dub Mario a strange lifeform. He then names him Marlio, (an anagram of his own name, Olimar) Afterwards he mistakes Luigi for some kind of dangerous creature and attacks him with his group of Pikmin, then leaves.


  • These unused sprites are some of the only official Pikmin sprites created by Nintendo, along with the Pikmin e-Reader minigames and the Pikmin microgame in WarioWare D.I.Y..
  • It is unknown why the cutscene with Olimar (along with the others) were not used in the full game.
  • After reciving the coffee from Mario, Olimar would give Mario the UV Lamp, which was replaced with the Cobalt Necktie.




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