Lustrous Element

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Lustrous Element
Thumb lustrouselement
Appears in N/A
Treasure Hoard Number 56
Series Ancient Secrets Series
Value PokoIconx1,000
Weight 10
Max Carriers 15
Location Hole of Heroes

The Lustrous Element is a treasure in Pikmin 2. The Lustrous Element is actually a golden dollar coin. It is found in the fourth sublevel of Hole of Heroes, inside the Pileated Snagret.


Olimar's Journal

"Lustrous Element/journal"

Sales Pitch

"Lustrous Element/sale"


  • Although Olimar states that the coins metal (gold) is unknown to hocotate, the Ship says it is clad in it after repaying the debt.
  • This treasure weighs the same as the Mirrored Element, despite gold weighing more than silver.

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