Love Nugget

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Love Nugget
Thumb lovenugget
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 11
Series Nature's Candy Series
Value PokoIconx40
Weight 20
Max Carriers 30
Location Citadel of Spiders

The Love Nugget (ヒトメボレ) is a treasure in Pikmin 2 that is actually a red, ripe tomato. It is found on the first sublevel of the Citadel of Spiders. There are a few Shearwigs that may try to kill Pikmin on the way to the Ship, but it's still rather easy to obtain.


Olimar's Journal

"This tasty red snack isn't quite a fruit, but doesn't seem like a vegetable either. I've analyzed it extensively, and it appears to be releasing stimulating pheromones. Maybe I should feed it to my wife..."

Sales Pitch

"One bite and your heart will be filled with a burning fever. Is the feeling love...or hallucination?"

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