Large-Mouth Wollywog NL

The Large-Mouth Wollywog making an entrance.

The Large-Mouth Wollywog (Large-Mouth Wollyhop in the PAL version) is the second major boss fought in Pikmin Adventure. It is labeled as part of the Amphituber family. It resembles a Yellow Wollywog with a large, gaping mouth and long tongue with either a weak point or a Spike Ball at the end.

Monita's Notes

"The dreaded master of the swamp, this alien creature wields its tongue like a lead plated yo-yo. It also has the ability to absorb great quantities of water to keep its skin nice and slimy."


The Large-Mouth Wollywog is different from most wollywogs in the sense that, rather than attacking by jumping on Pikmin, it attacks by unraveling its spiked tongue out of its large, gaping mouth.

The Large-Mouth Wollywog sits in a pond in the center of the stage. As soon as the battle starts, the player must continuously be moving to ensure the creature's tongue does not hit them. Once its tongue stops on the third time, it will hit the creature's face on its way back, dazing the beast and allowing its tongue to be attacked. Once its tongue is damaged enough, it will attack at a much faster pace. However this time, the tongue becomes a Spike Ball and his new weakpoints are his cheeks.

Once these are destroyed, the Wollywog will begin to jump wildly around the stage, occasionally attacking with his tongue. Once the player has the chance, throw Pikmin onto the weakpoint on his back. Once this weak spot has been destroyed, he will be defeated, and explode into Nintendo Land Coins.


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