Juicy Gaggle
Juicy gaggle
Appears in

Pikmin 3

Juice 0.50
Quantity 4
Value PokoIconx20
Weight 1
Max Carriers 2
Location Tropical Wilds
Twilight River

The Juicy Gaggle (キーチゴノミ, Raspberry) is a raspberry in Pikmin 3Each one produces a half cup of juice. There are four of them in the game, one in the Tropical Wilds and three in the Twilight River.


Brittany's American NotesEdit

"Finally! Something on this planet that isn't gigantic!! These are the perfect size for Koppaite hands, and the juice inside makes a good meal. I bet these'll be a lunch-box favorite back home."

Brittany's European NotesEdit

"Finally! Something on this planet that isn't gigantic! These little red globes are the perfect size for Koppai hands, and the juice inside makes a good meal. I bet these will be a lunch box favourite back home."

How to ObtainEdit

Twilight RiverEdit

A group of three are behind a body of water in a cave containing three Water Dumples and a Blue 10 Pellet. As such it is recommended to bring Blue Pikmin. Although Winged Pikmin can collect the fruit too and are found in the same area, this is risky because there is an Arachnode above the entrance to the area with the fruits and can be hard to see because it's dark in this area. If Winged Pikmin are used, the Arachnode must be killed or the Winged Pikmin will get stuck in its web and drop the fruit, but Blue Pikmin will walk under the web and won't get stuck at all.

Tropical WildsEdit

The fourth and final Juicy Gaggle is inside a Medusal Slurker, which is hidden inside a tree stump that can be accessed via Elevator Platforms. Have one Captain go on the other platform, and throw at least 2 Yellow Pikmin on the Bouncy Mushroom. Take at least one Pikmin to defeat the Spotcaps blocking the path to it. Then proceed to defeat the Medusal Slurker.