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The Jigsaw Fortress is the sixth stage of Pikmin 3's Bingo Battle. It appears to be made out of objects from a child's toy box. One player spawns at the top of the fortress and the other player spawns at the base of the fortress. Occansionally,a baldy long legs appears and marches around in the fortress. Usually, the person who spawns at the base has a huge advantage because the person who is in the fortress is confined to the fortress walls and has to deal with many bulborbs in a confined space.

The Jigsaw Fortress has many electric gates and dirt gates in the fortress and at the base. Certain fruits and items are hidden behind these gates. Haystacks are sometimes used to access higher levels of the fortress. Iron balls are sometimes found near the top of the fortress and can be pushed to kill most of the bulborbs in the fortress, but be careful as the ball goes completely around the fortress and could squish your pikmin army.


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