Implement of Toil
Implement of Toil
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 67
Series Tortured Artist Series
Value PokoIconx55
Weight 2
Max Carriers 4
Location Dream Den

The Implement of Toil is a treasure in Pikmin 2. It is found on Sublevel 2 of the Dream Den. It is actually a very short double-ended pencil with the Nintendo 64 logo on the side. It is likely that it was sharpened with the Manual Honer, as it is a pencil, the Manual Honer is a pencil sharpener, and they were on the same sublevel of the same cave.


Olimar's Journal

"We've worked so hard... I think I could use some rest and relaxation. However, looking at all the valuable treasures we've collected, I think we'll make a huge fortune! Then, I can hire an army of butlers to attend to my every whim."

Sales Pitch

""Poor me..." "Woe is me..." "So much work..." "Pity me..." "Boo hoo..." "Sigh..." These phrases fill one with a sense of sadness, and all are evoked by this mysterious charm."

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