Hazard Training
Hazard Training
Sublevels 2
Time Limit sublevel 1 - 200

sublevel 2 - 200

Pokos (w/ no death bonus

& w/o time bonus)

Red Pikmin 25
Blue Pikmin 25
Spicy Spray 1
Bitter Spray 1

Hazard Training is the eighteenth level in Challenge mode in Pikmin 2.

This is the music of the first level:
Hazard Training

Sublevel 1

Start off by collecting the treasure lying around, if you want, then start looking for a Watery Blowhog and a pipe. Kill the Blowhog and go down the pipe, where you should see some fire geysers. Continue walking and you'll see a Fiery Bulblax. Use an Ultra-bitter spray and your Reds. Snatch the key, watching the Pikmin carry it because Dweevils might appear: make sure they don't take it. Next, grab some more treasures if you like, and then go down the hole.

Sublevel 2

The high-strung, hungry Orange Bulborb has the key needed. Use your Ultra-spicy spray. Sneaking up from behind is advisable, but most of the time it's in a small room, making that impossible. If you don't like his placement, reset the cave. Grab some treasure, since there should be lots of time (there is a lot of treasure, too). Open the geyser and exit.

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