Greater Studded Beeb NL

The Greater Studded Beeb appears!

The Greater Studded Beeb is the final boss of the Nintendo Land attraction Pikmin Adventure. It shares the same basic shape with the Bladed Beeb, only has Spike Balls for hands instead of blades, and starts off with yellow lights instead of green.


The strategy for killing this beast is basically exactly the same as the Bladed Beeb. Just be wary that the Greater Studded Beeb has significanly more vitality, and is better at blocking attacks from the Knuckle Seed with its Spike Balls.

Greater Studded Beeb roar NL

The Greater Studded Beeb is angry!

The first thing that must be completed to defeat this foe is breaking one of its weak points. Once one of them breaks, it will roar in rage and the yellow lights will turn red, speeding up its attacks and adding consecutive strikes to its attacks.

Keeping your distance using Knuckle Seed or Whip Seed is one good strategy, and dashing to either direction when he prepares his double arm smash attack is wise if you want to keep you power-up.

Another quick but sometimes dangerous technique is getting up close and personal with the mantis-monster. If you stay right up against the Greater Studded Beeb and pummel it with your Knuckle Seed power-up, it wont be able to strike you with its attacks most of the time, excluding its spin attack, in which case you want to jump away.

Once defeated, its eyes will widen, and it will collapse on the floor. Your Miis will make a pose, and the Greater Studded Beeb's body will proceed to explode into tons of Nintendo Land Coins.

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