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Garden of Hope Remix is a Mission Mode stage, available on the second map pack as downloadable


content for Pikmin 3. It is a modified version of the main location of the Garden of Hope area in Story Mode.


The player starts off with Alph and Brittany, with a nearby SPERO and Onion, right at the base of the blue bridge. To the northeast is a Bamboo Gate, which encases 3 Bomb Rocks, and provides a shortcut to go across the river without the bridge built. On the other side of the river, a Burrowing Snagret is present, as well as a nearby Bulborb and a Burgeoning Spiderwort. Further north are 2 Dwarf Orange Bulborbs and an Orange Bulborb, complete with a cinderblock blocking off the path to the Armored Mawdad's lair.

East of the SPERO is a small fork in the path. Here are 2 Swooping Snitchbugs. On the narrow path, there is a Burgeoning Spiderwort. Further west is a pond with 3 Skeeterskates, and a cinderblock blocking off the rest of the area. Nearby is a large pile of blue Fragments, used to complete the blue bridge near the SPERO.

South from the SPERO is a small circular arena, with another Burrowing Snagret ready to fight. To the edges of the arena are 2 Burgeoning Spiderwort plants. To the west is a sleeping Bulborb, guarding a pile of brown Fragments used to complete a brown bridge to the east. Guarding the brown bridge is yet another Swooping Snitchbug. On the area past the brown bridge is yet another Burrowing Snagret, and on a path leading upwards, 3 Dwarf Orange Bulborbs and an Orange Bulborb at the top. In a nearby pot, there are Fragments for a beige bridge. The bridge leads to another Burrowing Snagret, and past a Burgeoning Spiderwort, 2 Swooping Snitchbugs in a closed off area.


  • Skeeterskate × 3
  • Dwarf Orange Bulborb × 5
  • Swooping Snitchbug × 6
  • Red Bulborb × 2
  • Orange Bulborb × 2
  • Burrowing Snagret × 4


  • Burgeoning Spiderwort × 5


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