Future Orb
Future Orb
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 53
Series Ancient Secrets Series
Value PokoIconx200
Weight 25
Max Carriers 35
Location Dream Den

The Future Orb is a treasure that is actually a crystal ball found in Pikmin 2, on the sixth sublevel of the Dream Den. It is inside a Greater Spotted Jellyfloat. When transporting the treasure back to the pod, multiple Jellyfloats and Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae attempt to kill the Pikmin carrying the treasure, and there is a quicksand pit in the center of the arena that may slow them down.


Olimar's Journal

"According to my analysis, this advanced contraption can reflect the future of those that peer into it. However, when the president looked into it into it, he saw total darkness. He said it must have been broken, but I'm not so sure..."

Sales Pitch

"Is the future bright, or dark and dreary? If you are worried about tomorrow, this is for you! This multidimensional crystal visualizes the branches of time and displays the future."


  • The crystal ball actually shows the reflection of the local area when looking into it. If it is being collected in Dream Den, you can see the captains and Pikmin near the Research Pod.

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