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Welcome to the Watercooler for Pikmin discussion. This is a place for general chat about the Pikmin games. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "add new topic".

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TopicLast EditLast Author
Make a pikmin/beast/cave!20:47, April 14, 2015Flyingdrull
Pikmin wars revival!00:15, September 15, 2014Bloodmancer
Pikmin TV show (Anime is accepted)21:17, April 28, 2014Peashooter and sunflower
Your Worst Pikmin events =(22:01, September 29, 2013TEHIPWNINC
Funny Pikmin Exterminations18:10, July 22, 2013Pyrostar
Recent Trivia Entries00:37, May 29, 2013StuperStar
Pikmin 3 will have 3 new pikmins?02:34, May 3, 2013Lua229
If pikmin were real18:00, April 29, 2013Paincorn
Pikmin online and level editor21:56, February 4, 2013108.86.184.195
Breaking News, I've found scans of the new ONM!02:16, August 11, 2012MegaSchmoo
Pikminperson284:Pikmin 3 ideas17:26, August 10, 2012RotomGuy
Pikminlother112:pikmin3 ideas12:59, July 19, 2012Thenewguy34
Pikmin 3:Ideas for new pikmin, enemies, and more!11:10, July 19, 2012Thenewguy34
I'm surprised.19:50, June 26, 2012Thenewguy34
Pikmin wars15:03, December 22, 2011Wrath96
Ideas For Pikmin 318:56, August 7, 201199.149.198.183
American disc with Japanese game?11:35, June 5, 2011Conker's Bad Fur Day
Hardest enemy17:43, April 19, 201199.111.251.64
MPBC217:15, September 19, 2010Pikdude
Little King's Story Wiki19:58, June 24, 2010Shockywatt
Favorite Pikmin21:40, June 16, 2010Volatile Dweevil
New Pikmin Easter Egg18:50, June 16, 2010Volatile Dweevil
TV Tropes23:10, June 13, 2010Paradox Juice
Yellow only14:40, March 17, 2010MRPANTS
Your GREAT victorious Day, or lucky day :)01:27, February 2, 2010ParadoxJuice
Different Enemy Names?22:12, January 19, 2010Crystal lucario
O.o11:50, January 4, 2010Greenpickle
Infinite dirt cloud?22:55, January 2, 2010Fly Guy 2
What day are you on?22:54, January 2, 2010Fly Guy 2
Pikmin 3 ideas21:02, November 30, 2009Snakeboss14
Pikmin needs 19 free blocks. A conspiracy?20:19, October 10, 2009Snakeboss14
Voice cast23:10, September 30, 2009Gamefreak75
If a Pikmin enemy could join your team...18:52, September 18, 2009Solar flute
What do you think Pikmin taste like?18:50, September 18, 2009Solar flute
Pikmin 3 new pikmin ideas23:42, September 15, 2009Crystal lucario
For All you Speculators16:53, August 17, 2009Crystal lucario
Twitter & Pikmin 316:15, August 14, 2009Crystal lucario
Pikmin 3 Suggestions (Group Letter?)01:33, July 25, 2009Gamefreak75
Are black pikmin real?08:40, June 26, 2009Greenpickle
The Who!!!08:37, June 26, 2009Greenpickle
Louie: Musings of a Sidekick18:33, June 24, 2009Greenpickle
Pikmin Stuff12:23, June 18, 2009Greenpickle
Is it possible to go over 999 days without anything bad happening?21:53, June 14, 2009Pikdude
How high would you rate Wii pikmin?03:34, June 12, 2009PikminTy
Fatest way to breed 50 purple pikmin18:11, June 11, 2009Greenpickle
Olimar's Perspective19:54, May 26, 2009Crystal lucario
Wiimake Pikmin/Pikmin 2 Updates!20:31, April 23, 2009Portal-Kombat
Wikitroid Request.10:47, April 1, 2009Crystal lucario
Explorers logs04:59, March 17, 2009Master Bulblax
Pikmin Species04:04, January 30, 2009Redpikminflamethrower
NEW WHO PAGE ON THE WHO WIKI!!!!!!!!19:53, January 27, 2009Unknown 12
Fourm game: 2-player pikmin 2 game: 2-player therioes01:42, January 27, 2009Redpikminflamethrower
They make Emperor Bulblax seem like a wimp.23:36, January 26, 2009Portal-Kombat
Jellyfloat glitch?23:32, January 26, 2009Portal-Kombat
The who!!!20:34, January 26, 2009Unknown 12
Whats the deal about Pikmin / Mushroom Pikmin?03:51, January 23, 2009Redpikminflamethrower
NEW WHO PAGE!!!01:15, January 23, 2009Unknown 12
Olimar can jump...while lying down!02:49, January 20, 2009Redpikminflamethrower
Pikmin Ideas06:22, January 17, 2009Jimbo Jambo
How much would you pay for Pikmin toys?22:45, January 16, 2009Crystal lucario
Pink Pikmin???20:53, December 31, 2008Thegloober216
All Brawl Players-Come Here!23:26, December 12, 2008Portal-Kombat
My Explorers Log21:04, November 2, 2008Peanut64
Glutton's Kitchen Glitch23:27, October 21, 2008Portal-Kombat
Favorite beast16:42, August 13, 2008A Yellow Pikmin
General Forum01:57, August 13, 2008Pikdude
Pikmin fanfic20:38, August 7, 2008Last Onion
Pikmin 3: The Chaos Theory20:51, August 3, 2008Last Onion
Transision18:31, August 1, 2008Greenpickle
BIG AMAZING LINKS! :O19:31, July 22, 2008Crystal lucario
Shiney pikmin17:14, July 10, 2008Crystal lucario
Pikmin illiminator wars22:50, June 28, 2008PikminTy
Pikmin Claymation20:03, June 23, 2008Fly Guy 2
Purple onions speculation11:19, June 19, 2008Crystal lucario
This is what my friend thinks.11:42, June 13, 2008Crystal lucario
What is that wierd spider thing?14:11, June 5, 2008Jimbo Jambo
Wii Codes09:06, June 5, 2008Greenpickle
I think I may have found the wind guy...11:17, May 23, 2008Crystal lucario
Do you think snake could be a good captain?21:04, April 25, 2008Crystal lucario
Rare Pikmin Commercials00:44, March 5, 2008IAMAHIPO ocolor
Ship Log13:05, February 21, 2008Greenpickle
OLIMAR IS IN BRAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!21:55, February 19, 2008Greenpickle
Super Samsh Bros. Melee/Brawl21:55, February 19, 2008Greenpickle

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