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hi im new here.

so i was playing pikmin the other day in the abduction den, and my pilot was sucked up by the jellyfloat. i reacted by freezing the float with bitterspray. i switched to the other captain and pressed random buttons seeing what would happen.

it turns out that the pilot that was sucked up broke out the jellyfloat. i cant really describe it, but the float was obliterated. thus destroying the most dangerous threat of the abduction den with no pikmin, i was able to get a perfect.

has that ever happened to you?

So, what exactly happened? You froze the Jellyfloat and your captain broke free? Have you tried repeating it? —Jimbo Jambo 21:56, 26 January 2009 (UTC)
This actually sounds like a really cool trick! I use a glitch similar to this to kill poes instantly in the Wind Waker. Portal-Kombat

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