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Formidable Oak Remix

Battle Enemies

Time Limit 5:55
Enemies 40
Points (w/o time bonus) 1000
World Record 3340
Co-Op World Record 3420
Blue Pikmin 30

The Formidable Oak Remix is the tenth stage in Battle Enemies mode. The layout is just like that of the Formidable Oak, only with areas like the cave and the outer area blocked off. The icon shown from the stage selection screen shows an Orange Bulborb. This fits the actual level, which is populated by only Bulborbs, and all sorts of them. This stage is the shortest of all missions, regardless of mode, giving the player only 5:55, and a mere 30 Pikmin with no Onion, all of them starting off as Blues.

Pikmin (30)

Flora (8)

Enemies (40)

Obstacles (17)

  • Dirt Wall (x3)
  • Reinforced Wall (x3)
  • Crystal Wall (x3)
  • Dirt Mound (x3)
  • Iron Ball (x2)
  • Geyser (x2)
  • Large Crystal (x1; Contains two Bomb Rocks)

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