Fire-Breathing Feast
Firebreathing feast
Appears in

Pikmin 3

Juice 2.50
Quantity 1
Value PokoIconx500
Weight 15
Max Carriers 30
Location Garden of Hope
The Fire-Breathing Feast (イカツタツボックリ, Wild Dragonic Cone) is a dragon fruit found in Pikmin 3. The large cactus fruit is spat out by the Armored Mawdad before it dies. It takes 15 Pikmin to carry (also with a max of 30 to carry it) and produces two and a half cups of juice. It is also found in the Forgotten Cove and the Beastly Cavern in the "Collect Treasure" Mission mode. This is unique because it is a fruit only dropped by a boss in Story Mode, and it provides many pokos. 


Brittany's American Comments

"Even though it looks like one of the monstrous beast that this planet has so many of, this fruit has a great food source back home...if the people don't run away from it in fear."

Brittany's European Comments

"Even though it looks like one of the monstrous beasts that populate this planet, this fruit has a light flavour and plenty of seeds. I'm sure it will be a great food source for Koppai...if people don't run away from it in terror."


  • Brittany's comments suggest that PNF-404 is home to many dragon-fruit-esque lifeforms, possibly even dragons.
  • Interestingly, the name that the S. S. Drake gives the fruit suggests that Koppaites know what a dragon is, or recognize the dragon fruit.
  • It is possible for the Fire-Breathing Feast to be tilted upwards during the journey back to the ship. If this happens, the Pikmin carrying the fruit in the back will be raised in the air, but will come back down once they are whistled at or make it to the Drake.