Explorer's Friend Series
Theme Exploration Kit
Treasure Hoard Numbers 184 - 196
Treasures 13
Locations Awakening Wood
Emergence Cave
Subterranean Complex
Frontier Cavern
Hole of Beasts
White Flower Garden
Bulblax Kingdom
Snagret Hole
Citadel of Spiders
Shower Room
Glutton's Kitchen
Submerged Castle

The Explorer's Friend Series is the twenty-fourth series of the Treasure Hoard. This series (except for The Key) makes up the Exploration Kit - its treasures unlock a new area or ability. Of the items listed, the Spherical Atlas and Geographic Projection are necessary to advance through the game's storyline and the only ones necessary to do so.


You've collected the Explorer's Friend Series! Everyone has friends...except for spaceships.


The total Poko value of this series's treasures is 1600 Pokos.