The Exploration Notes menu.

Exploration Notes are a collection of Data Files found on your gamepad menu during normal gameplay. The 120 Data Files are divided into 6 categories on this menu.


Pikminology/Pikmin Behavior

There are 30 Data Files in this category. They discuss the behavior and abilities of all Pikmin types.

Indigenous Life

Similar to the Piklopedia in Pikmin 2, this discusses the wildlife and plants of PNF-404, but is much less detailed and extensive. There are 30 Data Files in this category.

Olimar's Log

These are personal notes from Olimar. They give an idea as to what Olimar has been doing on PNF-404 during the events of Pikmin 3. There are 10 Data Files in this category.


This category tells the basic controls of Pikmin 3, as well as what to do in some special events. Most of them feature images of characters who appear to be Olimar, Louie, The President, Alph, Brittany, and Charlie. There are 30 Data Files in this category.

Area Hints

These notes provide information on what to do in the immediate area. There are 10 Data Files in this category.


This category is very different from the rest, as it tells no helpful information or storyline. Each of these is a Secret File. There are 10 Data Files in this category, each just showing a number and some Pikmin. Collecting all ten unlocks access to special cutscenes available online through the Wii U's internet browser only. 


  • Although Data Files are revealed to be written by Captain Olimar, some are obtained without needing to physically find the file. Most of these are controls and basics, however. 

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