Exploration Kit menu

The completed Exploration Kit. Unobtained items would be gray

The Exploration Kit is an assortment of twelve devices in Pikmin 2 that aid the player by giving Olimar and Louie new abilities, such as running faster and lighting up the surroundings in caves. They are all obtained as treasures, namely all of the Explorer's Friend Series except The Key, and are made useful by the ship.

Most of the treasures that unlock the items in the kit are held by the bosses of each cave from the first three of the game's areas, with the 3 exceptions being the Brute Knuckles, which is held by a Mamuta in the Frontier Cavern, the Spherical Atlas, which is in a cave with no boss, and the Geographic Projection, which is located above ground in the Awakening Wood. The Frontier Cavern therefore has two upgrading treasures, while the three caves in the Wistful Wild do not contain any.


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