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Exhausted Superstick
Thumb exhaustedsuperstick
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 102 (NTSC)

101 (PAL)

Series Industrial Set
Value PokoIconx50
Weight 12
Max Carriers 20
Location Subterranean Complex

The Exhausted Superstick is a roll of used adhesive tape from a brand called Gamma Tape. It is found in the first sublevel of the Subterranean Complex. It is also buried in the ground. This is basically a smaller version of the Superstick Textile found in the White Flower Garden .


Olimar's Journal

"This material is ideal for patching chinks in spacecraft armor. Too bad we've only got one of these because the ship sure has a lot of holes..."

Sales Pitch

"Most spaceship repair kits are easy to use and handy to have around. This one is a bit...old. Its adhesive power is waning, so I will let it go at a discount."

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