Emperor's Realm
Emperor's Realm
Sublevels 5
Time Limit sublevel 1 - 100

sublevel 2 - 100

sublevel 3 - 100

sublevel 4 - 100

sublevel 5 - 100

Pokos (w/ no death bonus

& w/o time bonus)

Red Pikmin 20
Blue Pikmin 20
Purple Pikmin 10
Spicy Spray 2
Bitter Spray 2

The Emperor's Realm is the final cavern in Challenge Mode in Pikmin 2. The common enemies you'll fight are Grub-dogs and Breadbug mimics. The level is relatively difficult compared to most other challenge mode levels, as it has 5 sublevels full of dangerous Grub-dogs, such as the Spotty Bulbear.

Sublevel 1


When in the area, stay out of the Bulborbs' path. These will attempt to eat Pikmin. Purple Pikmin will be able to stun them. Destroy the Hairy Bulborb and then get the key. Be sure to clear anything out of the way before leaving.

Sublevel 2


Here, a Spotty Bulbear and its babies are walking and they bump into an Orange Bulborb. First, avoid getting caught in the fire's path. Use Ultra Bitter Spray and then Ultra Spicy Spray to rid the Bulborbs. Get rid of the geysers using Red Pikmin. The Key is found in the Spotty Bulbear, so if you're just going for the key, you can wait until it comes after you and just kill it and any dwarves that may be following

Sublevel 3


Here, the Fiery Bulblax lies. To defeat it, lure it into the water with Blue Pikmin and use Ultra Bitter Spray. If you wish to preserve your sprays, use Purples as it enters the water to stun it and proceed to kill it with the rest of your Blue Pikmin, making sure to retrieve your Purples quickly before they drown. After it's dead, bring the Key to the ship and exit the level.

Sublevel 4


The Empress Bulblax is much easier, as she's facing back. Bulborb Larvae will eat Pikmin fast. Use the same strategy like the one in the past. Fire geysers are unnecessary. Take the Key to the ship and leave the area.

Sublevel 5


Three Emperor Bulblaxes are living here. Find the one with the Key. After finding it, avoid the other Bulblaxes. When leaving, avoid the fire geysers and water. Exit the stage. Bomb rocks are placed throughout the sublevel which can help defeat the Emperor Bulblaxes.