Dweevil Nest

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Dweevil Nest
Sublevels 1 Yellow Pikmin 25
Red Pikmin 25 Blue Pikmin 25
Purple Pikmin 0 Ultra-bitter Sprays 0
White Pikmin 25 Ultra-spicy Sprays 0
Bulbmin 0
 The Dweevil Nest is the fourteenth level in Challenge mode in Pikmin 2. The layout is a copy of the final floor of the Snagret Hole with the exception of plants and gates. All types of Dweevil are present here (excluding the Titan Dweevil) and it's one of the few Challenge Mode levels that has a total amount of 100 Pikmin. As shown above, each Dweevil type has its own 25 Pikmin to battle against, which will make things hard when water and fire are flying around everywhere. No sprays can help you, and the Dweevils will each want to take a treasure to carry, and there is a lot of treasure. If you don't want to battle, take the key and use the geyser. Another pink flower real fast.


  • "Dweevil's Dugout"


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