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Dream Architect
Dream Architect
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 147 (NTSC)

145 (PAL)

Series Blast from the Past Series
Value PokoIconx280
Weight 20
Max Carriers 30
Location Hole of Beasts

The Dream Architect is a video-game console known as the Game & Watch, a Nintendo system, the game in particular being Ball, the first one in the series. It is found on sublevel 4 in the Hole of Beasts, and is held by a Red Bulborb dwelling in the area. Many fire geysers dot this level, so remove them before collecting the treasure, or use Red Pikmin.


Olimar's Journal

"At night, I have nothing to do to keep me occupied. I've been searching for something to dull the boredom, but every time I find something I want to play with, it's broken. This object is a great example. It looks fascinating, but I can't get it to function. I guess all I have to do is write in this journal."

Sales Pitch

"Going to bed early is a waste of time for a lively soul. This dream-maker makes night fun! ...Fine, so it is broken and does not work. That is a drawback. Come on! Use your imagination!"

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