Decorative Goo
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 64
Series Tortured Artist Series
Value PokoIconx80
Weight 10
Max Carriers 20
Location Awakening Wood

The Decorative Goo is a tube of blue "Mario Paint," (referencing the Nintendo character, Mario's, Super Nintendo title: Mario Paint). It is apparently used and is bent. It is found in the Awakening Wood and right near the original location of the blue Onion. It can be easily achieved once Olimar obtains ten Blue Pikmin. This is also where the Radiation Canopy was found in Pikmin. When viewed in the Treasure Hoard, the dried blue paint under it is missing, and the tube of paint is floating. It has Japanese writing on it in the Japanese version of the game.


Olimar's Journal

"With the assistance of the blue Pikmin, we found a canister of paint today. I used it to give the ship a fresh coat of paint! But did it thank me? Noooo. As a space pilot, I've always treated my ship like a trusted companion (even if it is a smart aleck). Yet, this snobbish ship has the gall to complain about the color! There's no pleasing it! Forget this...I'm going to bed."

Sales Pitch

"Everyone enjoys decorating in favorite hues, but it's vital to utilize new colors now and then. This tube of goo will surely help you discover a new you!"