A Crystalline Crushblat is an enemy encountered in Hey! Pikmin. It is first encountered in Sector 3-A; Crystal Tunnels. It has a thick crystal shell which can only be destroyed by Rock Pikmin.


Hey! Pikmin Creature Log

"It's aggresive while encased in its crystal shell but runs away quickly if that shell should be broken. That behavior seems familiar... I think I know someone on Hocotate whose personality changes depending on what they're wearing."

Battle Strategy

Hey! Pikmin

Crystalline Crushblats are relatively slow and rarely get the chance to kill any Pikmin. Just keep your distance and throw Rock Pikmin at it until its shell breaks, then throw all of your Pikmin on top of it until it dies. Without Rock Pikmin, you can't defeat this creature.



  • Unlike the Calcified Crushblat, this creature's shell breaks completely within a few hits, instead of breaking off half.
  • It appears to have two cracks in its shell where its eyes would be.

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