A Crystal Nodule covering a Water Geyser.

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Crystal Nodules first appear in Pikmin 3 and come mainly in the form of walls or withhold fruit for a captain. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are one of the most prominent obstacles of the game.


The uses of crystals in Pikmin 3 are many:

  • Walls: Crystal walls are the crystals' main form. They first come in sight at Garden of Hope, when Alph uses the Rock Pikmin to break one and save Brittany.
  • Nodules: Crystal nodules are obstacles that can hold objects, such as Fruit, Bridge tiles, or Pellets. They can also block geysers or a Data File.
  • Slides: Crystal slides are really made of ice. Both captains and Pikmin can slide down these.A Crystal Nodule containing a Golden Sunseed

Rock Pikmin

Rock Pikmin are the only type of Pikmin able to smash through the crystal walls and nodules (as they have a "rock hard body"). Without the rock Pikmin masses of fruit would be unobtainable.

It should also be noted that the Rock Pikmin also have the advantage over the Skutterchucks as they are able to smash the crystal rock they wield, thus rendering them defenseless.

Enemies & Bosses

As well as the Skutterchuck, there are other enemies who use the crystal for protection: the Armored Mawdad, Quaggled Mireclops, and the Calcified Crushblat.

Armored Mawdad: This creature is the first boss in the game and can be found within a hollow tree stump in the Garden of Hope. It will use its crystal exoskeleton to defend against Pikmin. Rock Pikmin are required to crush the casing and reveal its weak skin. The Mawdad's tail is its weak spot for both the crystal and the flesh and so should be attacked there for a swift defeat.

Quaggled Mireclops: This is the penultimate boss in the game and uses a crystal to protect its head. When first discovered after the escape of Louie it appears completely placid, until the player heads over and attacks the beast's crystal casing.

Calcified Crushblat: resting peacefully by a secluded pond in the Tropical Wilds, the Calcified Crushblat will threaten anyone who comes near it. It is only when a squad of blue Pikmin have been turned to rocks will it be vulnerable. It threatens to crush any who come too near and so for that reason it is best to keep any remaining blue Pikmin to the side.


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