Cryptic Cavern
Cryptic Cavern sub5
Sublevels 5
Time Limit sublevel 1 - 50

sublevel 2 - 75

sublevel 3 - 65

sublevel 4 - 40

sublevel 5 - 70

Pokos (w/ no death bonus

& w/o time bonus)

Red Pikmin 5
White Pikmin 5
Spicy Spray 3
Bitter Spray 2

Cryptic Cavern is the eleventh level in Challenge Mode in Pikmin 2. It has 5 sublevels, each with the same layout: two large circular corridors, one for you and one for one specific enemy. Most sublevels contain a buried treasure, calling for White Pikmin to scour the area.

Sublevel 1

A Doodlebug is hidden in the middle of the level; it may be poisonous, but is very easy to beat. As soon as it takes a hit from the top, it'll disappear. Grab The Key and hurry to the next level.

Sublevel 2

A Watery Blowhog. Kill it quickly, grab The Key, and head to the hole.

Sublevel 3

An Anode Dweevil. This can be defeated relatively easily with captains. It is harder to hit with Pikmin, and kills them instantly if it attacks, so attacking with captains is often the safer option.

Sublevel 4

A Fiery Bulblax. Take the 5 Red Pikmin and use both kinds of sprays, or else you are in great danger of losing Pikmin. After its defeat, advance to the last sublevel. There are no buried treasures here.


The 4th sublevel, which has a Fiery Bublax.

Sublevel 5

A Burrowing Snagret resides in the last sublevel. Use all the sprays you have left. Always aim for the head, its weak point. When it buries itself in the ground, wait for it to get stuck while emerging, so you have time to aim at the head. When its head is being attacked by enough Pikmin, the creature will stop attacking to retreat.

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