Crunchy Deluge
Crunchy deluge
Appears in

Pikmin 3

Juice 2.00
Quantity 1
Value PokoIconx100
Weight 10
Max Carriers 20
Location Twilight River

The Crunchy Deluge (シャクシャクノミ, Crunchy Fruit) is one of the fruits fruit found in Pikmin 3. It is an Asian Pear. There's only one in the entire game, and it is located in Twilight River, where it is being guarded by a Toady Bloyster, and may only be retrieved by Blue Pikmin. This fruit also produces a total of 2 cups of Juice. "Crunchy" describes its texture, and "Deluge" describes the juice contents, which are quite high.


Brittany's American Notes

"Lots of juice in here, like having your mouth flooded in sweetness. Not much Piktamin U, but nutrition isn't everything. Sometimes you just want a natural disaster of flavor, you know?"

Brittany's European Notes

"Lots of juice in here, and it's like having your taste buds washed away on a tide of sweetness. Not much in the way of Piktamin U, but nutrition isn't everything. Sometimes you just want a flood of flavour..."

How to Obtain

The one and only Crunchy Deluge is found in the Twilight River. It is found underwater at the very end of the river, guarded by a Toady Bloyster. Kill or distract the Bloyster and retrieve the fruit.



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