Concrete Maze
Sublevels 3
Time Limit sublevel 1 - 70

sublevel 2 - 100

sublevel 3 - 50

Pokos (w/ no death bonus

& w/o time bonus)

White Pikmin 2

The Concrete Maze is the twelfth level in Challenge mode in Pikmin 2.

On the first sublevel there are no enemies. The caves are complex in their layout, however, and as time is short as well, the essence of winning here is speed and a hint of luck. Reseting until the Key is quickly found is helpful. Breaking down walls does not take long.

On the second and the third sublevel there are some enemies; these are mainly Bomb Rocks and Volatile Dweevils. It is often possible to outrun the Dweevils even if the Pikmin are carrying the key. This doesn't mean that there is always enough time to escape.

The third sublevel contains two Queen Candypop Bud.

The third sublevel also contains two treasures excluding the Key; the treasures being the Worthless Statue and the Priceless Statue (although you do need to use the Queen Candypop Bud because both treasures weigh ten and only have two Pikmin with you).

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