Compelling Cookie
Thumb compellingcookie
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 28
Series Sweet Tooth Series
Value PokoIconx10
Weight 3
Max Carriers 8
Location Submerged Castle

The Compelling Cookie (たつまきクッキー) is a treasure in Pikmin 2, located in the third sublevel of the Submerged Castle. It is actually a hard vanilla cookie. It can be found behind a wall, surrounded by Anode Dweevils which will try to snatch it from the Pikmin, along with one or more Withering Blowhogs.


Olimar's Journal

"My space suit's filter seems to be malfunctioning. It can't suppress the sweet, syrupy smell pervading this cavern! If I don't find a way to neutralize it fast, it's going to drive me to spoil my diet!"

Sales Pitch

"Is your palate conservative or adventuresome? Either way, this taste will ravish your mouth. For those who savor flavor, this new delicacy will have you questioning your ideas of taste."