Combustion Berry
Thumb combustionberry
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 3
Series Succulent Series
Value PokoIconx190
Weight 12
Max Carriers 24
Location Snagret Hole

The Combustion Berry or (バクレツノミ) is a large strawberry, very similar in appearance to the Sunseed Berry, and is in fact found in the same area; the Awakening Wood. In Pikmin 2, It is found in Sublevel 2 of the Snagret Hole in one of the alcoves.


Olimar's Journal

"I've collected all kinds of edible objects, but the ship's sensors can't judge taste. To make up for the ship's shortcomings, I'm making a special effort to try everything."

Sales Pitch

"Everything is best in moderation. This fruit is the perfect example of too much of a good thing. Its devastating sweetness is like an act of violence on the palate, scouring all with succulence..." .


  • Golden Sunseeds in Pikmin 3 were once referred to as Combustion Berries in the 2012 E3 demo of the game's Mission mode.
  • The Combustion Berry is one of the two treasures in the Succulent Series that does not appear in Pikmin 3. The other is the Seed of Greed .

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