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Colosseum is an arena for 2-Player Battle in Pikmin 2. The arena has a theme similar to that of the caves in the Valley of Repose. It is home to a large number of Dwarf Red and Snow Bulborbs, as well as a few Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae.


  • The Dwarf Red Bulborbs here may give up yellow marbles when defeated.
  • The Cannon Beetle Larva do not hold any reward at all, besides their carcasses. They may be a great way to deal with the pesky Dwarf Bulborbs, as their rocks have enough strength in them to kill a Dwarf instantly.
  • Lots of Dwarf Bulborbs reside in this area. Depending on what configuration of the colosseum you are in, it may depend on how many Armored Cannon Beetle Larva are in the area. Usually, the Cannon Beetle Larva are found near at least one player's onion, meaning if a player is low on Pikmin they may want to pick these up to raise the population of their Pikmin.
  • Like previously noted, the Dwarf Red Bulborbs may drop yellow marbles. Sometimes this is common, other times it happens quite rarely. If you have a configuration with many cannon beetles, at least one Dwarf will be holding a marble. The Snow Bulborbs may also become an annoyance, as they usually unite in a gang of three, four, and sometimes even five.
  • This is also one of the arenas with no hazards, apart from the enemies. The volatile dweevil from the roulette wheel may be a very dangerous enemy in this arena, as most of the colosseum's walls are quite narrow and it is very easy to get cornered by an unwanted enemy.
  • The Colosseum can be home to many eggs, meaning more nectar for Pikmin or, if the player is lucky, some Ultra Spicy/Bitter Sprays. These can be used against the opponent or against powerful enemies, such as the cannon beetles. It is recommended to break all of the eggs to get the sprays and nectar before your opponent can.



  • Eating
  • Crushing
  • Enemy Pikmin

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