Collector's Room
Sublevels 7
Time Limit sublevel 1 - 40

sublevel 2 - 30

sublevel 3 - 40

sublevel 4 - 40

sublevel 5 - 50

sublevel 6 - 45

sublevel 7 - 60

Pokos (w/ no death bonus

& w/o time bonus)

White Pikmin 50
Spicy Spray 3
Bitter Spray 2

The Collector's Room is the thirteenth level in Challenge mode in Pikmin 2. Very little time is given for each level, so it is recommended to simply find The Key and move on to the next level.

Sublevel 1

Enemy: 1 Red Bulborb (there is only one enemy per level, and it always holds the Key)

Eternal Emerald Eye, Pink Menace (buried), Repugnant Appendage, Master's Instrument, The Key (every level)

The level has a simple banana-shaped figure wth the items scattered randomly around.

Sublevel 2

Enemy: Orange Bulborb

Treasures: Space Wave Receiver, Wiggle Noggin, Harmonic Synthesizer, Crystallized Clairvoyance

The level is in the Tile Lands style and is made up of squares clustered together with paths.

Sublevel 3

Enemy: Red Bulborb

Treasures: Superstrong Stabilizer, Omega Flywheel, Temporal Mechanism, Director of Destiny

The level is a simple circle out of metal with a blue sand floor and a short path leading to the hole.

Sublevel 4

Enemy: Hairy Bulborb

Treasures: Chance Totem, Talisman of Life, Implement of Toil,

Similar to level 2, with the difference of a sandy floor and rock walls.

Sublevel 5

Enemy: Red Bulborb

Treasures: Crystal Clover, Mirrored Stage, Time Capsule

Similar to level 3, only with the same floor as level 4 and more "rooms".

Sublevel 6

Enemy: Orange Bulborb

Treasures: Rubber Ugly, Sud Generator, Merciless Extractor, Milk Tub, Invigorator

Similar to level 2.

Sublevel 7

Caution: the Gatling Groink here will be standing right in front of the Pod, so the Pikmin should be taken away from the landing position immediately.

Treasures: Dream Architect, Remembered Old Buddy, Glee Spinner, Cosmic Archive, Fond Gyro Block, Memorable Gyro Block, Lost Gyro Block, Favorite Gyro Block, Treasured Gyro Block, Stone of Glory, Prototype Detector

The level is a circle with sandy ground and a small path for the Pod or treasures, depending on how the level is generated. The name Collector's Room comes from the Nintendo objects in this level.


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