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Clockwork Chasm

Collect the Treasure

Time Limit 13:00
Treasures 11
Pokos (w/o time bonus) PokoIconx2185
World Record 17635
Co-Op World Record 15865
Red Pikmin 25
Blue Pikmin 40
Rock Pikmin 10
Clockwork Chasm

Battle Enemies

Time Limit 7:00
Enemies 29
Points (w/o time bonus) 475
World Record 3485
Co-Op World Record 3505

Clockwork Chasm is a map that was released in the 3rd round of Downloadable Content for Pikmin 3. It features a metal or factory-like themed area, with multiple walls and elevevated platforms. Its biggest gimmick is the inclusion of treadmills and switches. The treadmills push captains and Pikmin around in a single direction, with the switches, when Pikmin are thrown atop of them, being able to change the direction the treadmills roll.

Collect Treasure

Pikmin (75)

Enemies and Flora (26)

Treasure (8.5)

Obstacles (29)

  • Converer Belt (x22)
  • Dirt Wall (x3)
  • Crystal Wall (x1)
  • Bridge (x1; 20 fragments)
  • Climbing Stick (x1)
  • Geyser (x1)

Battle Enemies

Pikmin (41)

Enemies and Flora (31)

Obstacles (23)

  • Conveyor Belt (x18)
  • Electric Gate (x1)
  • Reinforced Wall (x1)
  • Geyser (x2)
  • Large Crystal (x1)



  • If the overhead map is displayed from the right angle, and scrolled to the corners of the map, a metal chain-mesh fence can be seen surrounding the perimeter of the area.
  • this is the only non-bingo battle stage that has the abyss in pikmin 3
  • There is a glitch that if you have Pikmin Extinction while a captain is off the cliff, he/she will be floating off the cliff while the Pikmin Extinction scene shows.

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