A Clicking Slurker is an enemy encountered in Hey! Pikmin. It hovers in the air, and has a long, uvula-like tongue that it drops down from above to eat Pikmin. It is first seen in Sector 7-A; Freezing Wasteland.


Hey! Pikmin Creature Log

"The warm air trapped within its body keeps it floating. From the air, it drops its long tongue to catch prey. On a totally unrelated note: Why the feather on its head? Is it for attracting a mate or something?"

Battle Strategy

Hey! Pikmin

When a Clicking Slurker lowers its tongue, hurl your Pikmin at it to knock the Slurker to the ground. Then, just throw Pikmin at it before it gets back up to finish it off. If a Pikmin gets stuck to its tongue, you can still rescue it by bringing the Slurker to the ground in time.



  • Its scientific name appears to come from the way it eats, by descending its uvula-like tongue on Pikmin.

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