Citrus Lump

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Citrus Lump
Citrus lump
Appears in Pikmin 2

Pikmin 3

Treasure Hoard Number 7
Series Succulent Series
Juice 1.50
Quantity 4
Value PokoIconx180 in Pikmin 2
PokoIconx70 in Pikmin 3
Weight 15 in Pikmin 2
5 in Pikmin 3
Max Carriers 25 in Pikmin 2
10 in Pikmin 3
Location Emergence Cave

The Citrus Lump (ツラノカワ) is actually a tangerine. It is found on the first sublevel of the Emergence Cave in Pikmin 2, and can easily be brought to the ship's pod without a hassle, as it is usually located in the more forward portion of the cave where a group of four Snow Bulborbs are located.


Olimar's Journal

"This fruit was dug up from the floor of an icy cavern. It appears that the fruit's thick skin protected it from the frigid cold... It's quite remarkable. The shape of the fruit eerily resembles the president's head. PS: The labyrinthine underground entrails of this planet are like a completely different world."

Sales Pitch

"The thick, acidic rind of this item is proof positive of its highly elevated mental functions. When I assess it, I am somehow reminded of a particularly hateful superior. Hurry up and devour it!"

Brittany's Notes

NTSC version:

"Sweet and totally delicious, this one has quite a bit of Piktamin U. On closer analysis, the white fiber just inside the skin seems to have the most nutrition, but it's not very tasty. I'll save it for the captain."

PAL version:

"Sweet, succulent and stuffed with Piktamin U! The white fibre on the underside of the peel abounds with nutrients, but it's pretty yucky to eat. A little treat for the Captain, perhaps?"


  • Oddly, this creates yellow juice, though tangerines produce orange juice in real life.


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