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The Chrysanthemum family contains two species, one classed as an enemy, and one as a plant, much in the same way as the Pikmin.

A Creeping Chrysanthemum.
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Creeping Chrysanthemum

The Creeping Chrysanthemum is a carnivorous member of the Chrysanthemum family. It is a large plant-like creature with a red mouth, two eyes on its shoulders disguised as flowers, and two arm-like tentacles that it uses to move around. This creature disguises itself as a Margaret, rising up out of the ground and attacking prey that ventures near; as such, they are often found near real Margarets. It can be distinguished from a Margaret because its eyes are visible when camouflaged.

A Margaret.


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Margarets are yellow, dandelion-like plants. They tend to grow in bright places, such as the Awakening Wood. Creeping Chrysanthemums are often found where there are many of these plants.

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