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Name Charlie
Appears in

Pikmin 3

Gender Male
Home planet Koppai
Height Approx. 1.9 cm (0.77 inches)
Weight ~1 unit

Captain Charlie (チャーリー) is one of the three playable characters in the story mode of Pikmin 3. He wears a spacesuit with a green lapel and a star-shaped badge on its left side. He has an average-sized nose, a dark brown mohawk and a tiny mustache, and like Alph, has eyes that are wide open at all times. His skin is also the most tan out of the three explorers. He, along with Brittany and Alph, come from the planet Koppai in search of a new food source for their planet, and serves as the captain of their space-faring vessel, the S.S. Drake. He also takes a rubber ducky with him on every mission for good luck.[1].

Charlie is a retired space ranger and is revered as a hero on Koppai. Alph even describes him as "one of Koppai's greatest legends".


Charlie is the first character to be played as, and is the farthest away from the ship. After encountering Yellow Pikmin, and introducing all the controls, he goes into a cave where he encounters the offspring of the Vehemoth Phosbat and defeats them, thereby angering the mother. Shortly after this encounter, he is attacked after a strange shadow is seen flying around him. He is later recovered in the Distant Tundra by Alph and Brittany when they defeat the Phosbat. His crash site is found later in the game by Olimar, as suggested by a data file found in the area.

In game, Charlie plays the same as Alph and Brittany.






  • Charlie's name is derived from the term used for the letter C in the phoenetic alphabet. This makes sense as Alph (Alpha) is also used for A in the phoenetic alphabet; the initial of his name is also the same letter of his prototype name (Character C), just like Alph and Brittany.
  • Due to the fact that Charlie and Alph land in separate areas, Charlie meets Yellow Pikmin rather than red ones like Alph. However, he does not discover their Onion, so they are not formally introduced until later on.
  • In the PAL version of the game, Charlie makes several flirtatious advances towards Brittany. However, most of these were changed in the NTSC version of the game, being replaced with self-praising, boastful statements.



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