The Carpet Plain is the third 2-Player Battle map featured in Pikmin 2.

It has the indoor style that the Glutton's Kitchen displays. The floor, as the name suggests, is covered in a grey and fluffy carpet, occasionally with plates or toy blocks on it. The borders of the level are made out of baseboards, bricks, trees and bump-like "bridges" that the player can walk on. All of these objects are wooden, and most of them are painted in a variety of colors.

In addition to the hazard presented by numerous enemies, boulders may fall from the ceiling in certain areas.


Carpet Plain

A Puffy Blowhog exhaling air as its attack

Regarding Difficulty

The Puffy Blowhogs that float around the area may be annoying foes, but they cannot kill pikmin directly. They yield no reward when defeated, so it is best to ignore them and hope that your enemy will waste time fighting them instead. Unfortunately, they may sometimes push Pikmin over the border of the area so that your captain's whistle range will not reach them. 


  • Eating
  • Crushing

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