Bully Den
Bully Den
Sublevels 1
Time Limit sublevel 1 - 300
Pokos (w/ no death bonus

& w/o time bonus)

Purple Pikmin 25
Spicy Spray 2
Bitter Spray 2

The Bully Den is the twenty-eighth level in Challenge Mode in Pikmin 2. You start in the stage with twenty-five Purple Pikmin, but the absence of Candypop Buds means they cannot be converted into other types. One Waterwraith drops The Key when defeated; the other drops the Silencer.


  • "Shower Room"


For this cavern, you may want to restart the challenge a few times to get the optimal map, since the design is random.

At the start of the challenge, there are two Volatile Dweevils and one Anode Dweevil. Throwing Purple Pikmin in the open areas and in the tunnel will cause a shock wave, causing more creatures to fall from the ceiling, those creatures being a Wollywog, a Yellow Wollywog, and 6 Anode Beetles. You may want to take them out as fast as you can before the two Waterwraiths appear since they can be irritating when trying to defeat a Waterwraith. You can also risk not trying to meet any of them at all and hope none of them fall while battling the Waterwraiths.

It is recommended that you do not break down any gate as they can be a tool in separating the Waterwraiths.

When the countdown timer reaches 270, the two Waterwraiths fall and begin rolling around the cavern. In the optimal sublevel layout, the Waterwraiths would be completely separated by the gates, so you only have to deal with one at a time (or only one at all if the first one you fight drops The Key).

However, They can easily be subdued by petrifying both and assaulting their backsides once they break free. An alternate strategy employs hiding in one of the tunnels found in the map and launching an attack from the limited safety they provide.

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