Bulblord NL

The Bulblord ready to fight.

Bulblord is the second major boss in Pikmin Adventure. It has characteristics resembling the Empress Bulblax from Pikmin 2.

Monita's Notes

"With its sharp teeth and devastating roll attack, this is a foe to fear. I highly advise you to take caution if you don't want to get crushed into scrap metal."

NintendoLand PikminAdv

Bulblord, the first boss in Pikmin Adventure.


Bulblord is an incredibly large mechanical Bulborb that has weak spots all over it, but its bulk and attack speed makes attacking it difficult.

Its main attack is a charging-bite attack in which it dashes across the whole stage in a single direction. Its other attack involves its retraction of its legs and weakpoints and rolling from side-to-side across the stage, much like the Empress Bulblax. It is advised to use a similar strategy as the one used to defeat the Bilious Bulborb, as getting it to turn around in single player is hard; simply have Olimar run behind it, causing it to turn around. While still dodging its attacks, get the other Mii Pikmin to attack its weak points.

After all its weakpoints have been destroyed, it will gain 2 new ones on its knees. It is best to use the distracting method to aim at these, as the Bulblord will begin to move much faster once these are exposed.

Once both of its legs are destroyed, it will helplessly roll onto his back, revealing its largest, final weakpoint on its underbelly. Simply throw all your pikmin at it and destroy it, which will causing the Bulblord to roar in agony before exploding in Nintendo Land Coins, the park's currency. It is also possible to obtain a stamp by destroying the Bulblord's eyes.

After defeating the Bulblord, it is possible to unlock it as a statue in the Plaza.

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