Breeding Ground

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Breeding Ground
Breeding Ground
Sublevels 3 Yellow Pikmin 0
Red Pikmin 4 Blue Pikmin 0
Purple Pikmin 0 Ultra-bitter Sprays 2
White Pikmin 0 Ultra-spicy Sprays 3
Bulbmin 0

The Breeding Ground is the twenty-sixth level in Challenge Mode in Pikmin 2.

Sublevel 1

Snatch your 4 Reds and throw them in the Candypop Buds (Red Pikmin preferred, as they are stronger). Watch out for Creeping Chrysanthemums. The Key should be lying around somewhere.

Sublevel 2

Lots of Buds here. Make a mix of Blue, Red & Yellow and use an Ultra-spicy Spray if you want. If you want to collect everything, time will get tight. The Key should be behind one of the many gates, as will the hole.

Sublevel 3

We meet the Shower Room style and you will need all Pikmin colors. A Fiery Blowhog should have The Key. There will be lots of Danger Chimes here. Take The Key and exit.


  • Breeding Ground was originally named the "Cave of Growth."

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