Brawny Abyss
Brawny Abyss
Sublevels 2
Time Limit sublevel 1 - 130

sublevel 2 - 100

Pokos (w/ no death bonus

& w/o time bonus)

Blue Pikmin 50
Spicy Spray 1
Bitter Spray 1

Brawny Abyss is the seventh level of the Challenge Mode in Pikmin 2.

Sublevel 1

Use the larva to kill the other enemies. Then take out the larva itself. Your Pikmin will be safe after they are thrown off, since they will hug the wall and the boulder will fly over them. Get the treasure near the hole (should the hole pop up at the back near the Bulborbs) for some extra Pokos. Watch out when pressing "A" at the hole. Pikmin are often thrown instead and will drop down to death. However, should this happen, going down the hole before the Pikmin die will prevent them from dying at all.


Sublevel 2

The Decorated Cannon Beetle has The Key. Use a Ultra-bitter Spray if you like, or use the Cannon Beetle to defeat some enemies (and/or itself). As always, the treasures aren't necessary, but if desired, there is plenty of time to get them.


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