Boss Stone
Thumb bossstone
Appears in Pikmin 2
Treasure Hoard Number 142 (NTSC)

140 (PAL)

Series Dream Series
Value PokoIconx110
Weight 8
Max Carriers 15
Location Dream Den

The Boss Stone is a treasure found in Pikmin 2. It is found in the eleventh sublevel of the Dream Den and may be on a ledge or on the floor. A Breadbug and other enemies will be obstacles standing in the way. The Boss Stone is actually a Shogi King tile.


Olimar's Journal

"My long journey has led me to this compelling stone. During my quest, I've narrowly escaped being crushed, chewed, ingested, and scorched countless times. But somehow I persevered, and this stone reminds me of that. It's like it has a personality of its own. I'd like to take it back with me and place it in my garden to commemorate this expedition."

Sales Pitch

"For those who care for others... For those who hail subordinates and send them into the unknown... Only these few will appreciate this fine, distinctive stone... (Did I just describe myself?)"

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