Blonde Imposter
Blonde imposter
Appears in

Pikmin 3

Juice 1.50
Quantity 1
Weight 5 each, 10 total
Max Carriers 10 each, 20 total
Location Twilight River

The Blonde Imposter/Impostor (ミカケヒトシ, Just Equal to Its Looking) is a golden kiwi in Pikmin 3. Like the Disguised Delicacy, which is also a kiwi, it splits into two pieces when discovered. Each half produces only three-fourths of a cup of juice, so be sure to bring back both pieces for the full cup and a half.

How To Obtain

Twilight River

First, the player must obtain the Winged Pikmin and order them to lift the branch with Flukeweeds in order to open the second half of the area. Ride the lily pad to the Bouncy Mushroom, and throw at least 1 captain and some Rock Pikmin and Winged Pikmin. The fruit is inside the Crystal Nodule. Any type of Pikmin can carry it back, but using the Winged Pikmin is much easier as they can carry it over water. Just make sure to defeat the nearby Arachnode so they do not get stuck in its web. 


Brittany's American Comments

"Aha! This furry little fruit tried to hide itself under a veil of camouflage and fuzz, but I won't be fooled. Tell me, Ms. Fauna, if you are indeed animal and not vegetable, Where are your legs?! ...Checkmate, fruit."

Brittany's European Comments

"Aha! This fuzzy fruit obviously wanted to camouflage itself as a wild beast, but I wasn't fooled for a minute. The lack of legs was a dead dead give-away. In any case, it's so delicious-looking, and so full of Piktamin U, that I doubt the odd limb or two would put me off..."