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    So, this is a list of news I should've posted weeks ago, but here it is.

    Wiki work day went so well, it became the wiki work week! Thank you to everyone who helped out this year! We got a lot of work done, so WOOOO!

    We elected a new admin! The Sneaky Spy is now joining the higher up ranks, with his focus being Java coding. He has created many of our templates, and will soon be looking into the wiki's CSS, the core of the wiki.

    Speaking of CSS, we figured out to be extra fancy! We got a new cursor (designed by Dave), and we're eventually going to see if we can animate it. We also will be giving Admins colored text, so take that, not fancy oldster wiki!

    I can't think of much else to say, but we would like to have more memeber at least active on …

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    July 9, 2014 by AeroBlaze777

    Ok, this is a minor issue on the wiki, but I thought I should bring it to everyone's attention. Certain enemies, especially those from Pikmin 3, have a gagillion and one pictures of them on their pages. Most of those pictures are repeated pictures, or maybe just a different angle. Please, unless you feel the picture you got was totally necessary, please don't add it to the wiki. 

    2 Pages that are examples of these are: 

    • Whiptongue Bulborb
    • Toady Bloyster

    Not that pictures don't help and all, but you can see that on the Whiptongue Bulborb page, there are 2 pictures that are nearly the same image, same angle. Please don't add repeated images, or unnecessary images. Thanks in advance. 

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    Hello captains!

    Tommorrow is our Wiki work day, and I have some big news!

    First, we figured out how to rip sound files out of the game! We hopefully will use this for wiki things!

    Second, if you move your mouse cursor around, you should see it being an onion from Pikmin 3! Dave10277 made us a little icon, and we figured how to use it. We're planning on animating it as well.

    Colors! I've figured how to color names and are experiementing with colors people's names. Might be an admin only thing or something. Gonna talk with the other admins.

    So, other than that we, hope to see you tomorrow at wiki work day!

    And with that-

    Wait a moment, one last thing! We have an uber important announcement to make tomorrow, so tune in for the big news!

    And with that…

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    Scittery Leaves23

    Cleanup Idea

    June 17, 2014 by Scittery Leaves23

    Now we've said a lot about things to improve for the work day, but I came across something that has had little mention. It falls within the category of grammatical fixes; we really need to keep the point of view in articles constant. Fortunately, there are no idiots putting first-person speaking anywhere, but we have an ugly mix of second and third-person bits here and there -- in some places they are only a sentence or two apart. In order to sound as formal, unbiased, and informative as possible, we need to move towards using third person in all places, with the exception of extensive boss strategies multiple paragraphs long, as it's acceptable and common for a guide or a set of instructions to speak to the reader. It makes them easier to…

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    2P Battle Pages

    June 16, 2014 by AeroBlaze777

    I would just add this as a comment to the Work Day List, but this is the biggest mess on this wiki: the dreaded, the horrifying, the disgusting...


    To clarify: This applies to both Pikmin 2 and 3. 

    Yes those pages are a total wreck, so I've made a list on what we must do for those pages. 

    • We need to seperate those pages into sections. All the strategies, the layout, and sometimes enemies and hazards are jumbled into one section. We need to seperate these pages into seperte sections. 
    • The style it's written in is very weird sometimes. We need to reword it and clean it up. 
    • We need to add more strategies to the pages if possible. 
    • Of course, grammatical errors and whatnot. There aren't that many, but I think I saw a few. And I…
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    The Work Day List

    June 10, 2014 by Jpmrocks7

    This is a list of things the wiki needs to have worked on. This is mostly for the wiki work day, but if anyone wants to get a head start, go for it!

    • Fix broken link
    • Update stubs
    • God save the 2P battle pages
    • Clean up messy pages
    • Update older pictures
    • Get more maps
    • Add more templates and infoboxes to more pages.
    • Change second to third person view.
    • Delete old images
    • Get all pikmin 1 2 and 3 songs onto youtube channel
    • Get more fancy redirectory thingies for the bottoms of pages
    • Learn tote stubs
    • Delete useless pages

    If there are any more, please comment!

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    Dead Links

    June 4, 2014 by StuperStar

    As many of the more veteran editors know, we deleted a lot of the small obstacle pages and merged them into one. Same with the beta topics.

    However, as we deleted them and merged them into one page, that left templates, and links from pages to be dead. the character template lists Character D as a character and if you click on it, you'd be asked if you want to create a page titled "Character D."

    I propose that we all try to rid this wiki of links to now nonexistant pages. That, sadly, means that we must search through all the pages and look for mentions of obstacles or topics that have been merged. And changing some templates too. I was never a huge fan of the page merging to begin with but since we did it, we must cleanse pages and template…

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    Scittery Leaves23

    Hello everyone! I'm taking a break from Arachnorb theories for now... mostly because I really don't have much left to say about them. So here's something on a creature that I just love to hate, the Swooping Snitchbug.

    How do you learn the anatomy of a Snitchbug? Well, you could look into the code, I guess. But we haven't time for that. Let's take a quick look at it's body.

    The two parts of it's body that are put to use (aside from sensory cells) are its antennae, for flying, and its arms, for grabbing and throwing.

    In all three games, the bug uses its antennae for one purpose -- flying. Boring, no?

    In Pikmin and Pikmin 2, the Snitchbug uses its arms to grab Pikmin and Pikmin only. In Pikmin 3, however, it may also pick up and throw the captain…

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    I have a theory that a smoky progg can turn into a Mamuta by hardening to the shape of a Mamuta.

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    Scittery Leaves23

    Hello, anyone and everyone interested in our favorite fictitious false-spiders!

    It's been a while, but I came across an interesting athropod that may explain Arachnorbs a bit better than I have been doing.

    While creating my Mitite theories, I was under the assumption that the Arachnorbs were all in some way related to harvestmen, or the Daddy Long Legs, as they are better known. I mainly did this because of the names; it's just too easy to draw the connection. Despite this, however, there is little about the Arachnorbs that is very similar to the real-world harvestmen, aside from their long legs, of course. I made a brief mention about the secretions, too, but that is of little importance in the grand scheme.

    So what does the Beady Long Legs …

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