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  • The3rdiceclimber

    Mine is Louie.

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  • OldBB

    Purple Pikmin

    July 4, 2015 by OldBB

    I wonder what makes purple pikmin so heavy

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  • Kirbyddd

    PSA: Vandalism

    June 22, 2015 by Kirbyddd

    This probably won't be a problem now since we only have like 3 regular editors, but the next time our community sees a spike in growth there will be a spike in vandalism as well, and there will likely be a few rash members who I will have to direct here.  For users who are completely new to Wikia, I'll also expand the page later to detail instructions on how to combat different amounts of vandalism since our most recent attack was slightly more convoluted than past ones.  On the bright side, we've seen nearly every type of vandalism, short of an attack by an admin, so we're pretty prepared as far as experience goes.  Anyways, today's main message:

    There has been a recent string of vandalisms in which the vandal claimed they worked for Pikip…

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  • Sen shadows

    PIkmin Universe

    June 17, 2015 by Sen shadows

    Hey guys I'm Sen Shadows I really enjoy playing Pikmin and hope to contribute to this community. I have several ideas I hope to share with you guys but, first I'll start off with a question. Is there going to be another Pikmin? I'm sure there are those of you out there who have asked the same question so if anyone has an answer I'll be glad to hear it. I'll be posting weekly and I hope to see more of you guys. Thanks for your time  

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  • TheGuysCast

    Pikmin 4 ideas

    April 11, 2015 by TheGuysCast

    Here are my Pikmin 4 ideas, hope you enjoy my thinkings of what the new game will have to offer.

    New Pikmin Colors: this is a bit crazy but I think the new game will have at least 7 new Pikmin containing 7 of these 9,

    Lime Green: resistant to acid which is farther down the list of things (hey, maybe the acid is from that Duracell battery from Pikmin 2)

    Green: has a tail that can be used as a weapon, and can be spun around to hover for a short time.

    Thorned/Dark Green: I have a picture that explains it all, and it is here:

    Cyan: Freezes enemy when eaten, sort of like whites in a way but a different outcome, freezes water that is walked over for a short time so other Pikmin can make it over.


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  • Bloodmancer

    Pikmin Wars!

    March 30, 2015 by Bloodmancer

    Hello fellow Pikmin fans!

    I'm here to represent the only active pikmin themed forum on the internet! Pikmin Wars!

    Pikmin wars is a roleplay were you create and control and army to battle other armies for glory and fun. You can build your army almost any way you want.

    Pikmin Wars

    I'll see you there!

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  • Pickleodeon

    Advice needed

    March 16, 2015 by Pickleodeon

    I'm working on a Pikmin 2 ROM hack and I need some help.

    • How do you replace models?
    • How do I go into the code?
    • How to I place/remove enemies?
    • How do I make custom caves?
    • Where can I find the coding for Olimar, Louie, and the Onions?
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  • Pikmin 3 Master

    Dwarf Bulborbs

    March 1, 2015 by Pikmin 3 Master

    They are breadbugs not bulborbs so they are liars!

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  • Kirbyddd

    The gallery section just has a few random screenshots of letters.  What we need is all of the mail icons, the picture of the person who sent the mail.  Most can be found easily, but only one of the ***SPAM?*** icons is on the wiki, and I checked, the whole internet.  Someone will have to get the icons for the spam senders and possible a few others.  Quality screenshots are okay, but the icon itself would be preferable.

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  • Kirbyddd


    January 13, 2015 by Kirbyddd

    So, I followed AeroBlaze's suggestion asked to adopt.  As many of whoever is left know, people are realizing that ths wiki is not being monitored and are using that as an excuse to dsregard policies and people.  We have already had a wave of new users who are not only new to the Pikmin Wiki, but new to wikis in general.  While most of them seem ready to learn, there are a few bad eggs.  We have even had a vandal make a few posts, thank you to the one-time users who fixed them.  There needs to be some order around here, and I figured I'm one of the few left who  cares.  Feel free to post your opinion (serious ones).  I also put a temporary notice up on the front page discussing pronoun usage.

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