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    Deku link1

    I've heard a lot of opinions going around about what most people were disappointed about with pikmin 3.

    Honestly, I thought there wasn't enough content.

    I beat the game (albeit with barely any fruit) in only 3 days.

    Then it only took 2 more days to get all the fruit. The juice system also isn't really challenging, since you almost always get at least one fruit per day.

    What were your greatest disappointments in pikmin 3?

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    Blah blah blah, The Cutting Floor

    By Odin's beard, this is a painful process. We have found tons of Pikmin 1 and 2 beta info, as well as a Pikmin 2 Protype information log. A few member of the wiki are transfering info as we speak (me included), and by god, the coding is like Alphabet Soup without the Soup (banana sticker to those who get the reference [Now worth 2 banana stickers to both references] ). These newly born Beta/Prototype pages will need Categories, so if you like those achievement badges, start adding Categories to them!

    The categories needed are:

    Pikmin Beta

    Pikmin 2 Beta

    Pikmin 2 Prototype


    So get to it, Captains! Tis a long day ahead of us for some...

    Captains, dismissed!

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    Cutting Room Floor

    April 14, 2014 by AeroBlaze777

    So, we've recently found a website with most models of treasures from Pikmin 2. The site is at the Cutting Room Floor. The website will be found here:

    These pictures should be used for the infoboxes. This will help a lot with the pages with bad infoboxes. As you can see, we have been doing this for a while, and you can see this on the Wiki Activity. We can really use some help.

    Note: The people who have played the NTSC version should handle the NTSC pics, and the same with those who have played the PAL version.

    This website also has some Pikmin stuff, but Pikmin 2 is a larger game to cover at the moment. So, help out if you can! 

    Note that these pictures are much better than the ones we have. These …

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    I was recently in a skype call with JPM and we were discussing a miniboss idea I had.

    The boss would be an Aracnode and It would be almost tarantula like. I had the idea that it would shead its exoskeleton as you kill it, it then climbs up the tree and there would be aracnode eggs and aracnodes. Its final form would be an ordinary aracnode. (more updates soon)

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    Should I make up a fanon series on blogs or create another wiki telling about it?

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    Note:This is MY opinion, not everyone.

    Hello everyone, Furi3210123 here introducing my Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Bros. Brawl characters.

    The Ice Climbers are a du character and a returning character from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Although there are 2 characters, if Nana gets K.O., you can still play as Popo(although if Popo gets K.O., both of them gets knocked out). Their ranked on the tier list is #2.

    Mr. Game and Watch is a returning character from Super Smash Bros. Melee. All of his smash attacks can KO like around 100%. My favorite move is Judge and Oil Panic. 9!!! His Final Smash is somewhat lame, though and can be improved if he returns in SSB4. His rank in the tier list is #16

    Toon Link is one of my favorite characters(although he is Lin…

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    Note:This is MY opinion, not every ones.

    Hello every one, Furi3210123 here and telling my Top Ten Favorite Boss Battles:

    Scornet Maestro serves as the fourth boss in Pikmin 3 and a formidable boss. So far, she is the smallest boss and one of the weakest bosees, due to reling on her minions. She can only do 3 types of attacks with them, so it's a bit disappointing. Was excepting something more harder.

    This boss somewhat remind me of dough. Mamuta is know for being the King of all Pikmin. He only appears in Pikmin and Pikmin 2.

    The Burrowing Snagret is a boss in all Pikmin games. This boss is annoying, but when using the Ultra-Spicy Spray, the boss can be taken down in seconds.

    The Sandbelching Meerslug is an enemy that apeears in Pikmin 3 and somewhat…

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    Pikmin TV Show

    April 6, 2014 by Furi3210123

    I noticed something. Pikmin are popular. So, how come they do not there own TV series? There are a whole lot of new shows coming this year, like Sonic Boom from Cartoon Network. Nintendo haven't make a TV in a while, so there should be a Pikmin TV series. Each season could be based on each Pikmin game. If there are, I am definetly going to watch it.

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    Scittery Leaves23

    Hello again!

    Last time, I discussed the possibility that the Raging Long Legs is in fact female. After a decent amount of additional research on harvestmen, or daddy long legs, I have found some interesting facts that bring about two theories regarding the creature and its realtion with Mitites.

    Theory #1: This goes along with what I discussed in my last post; the Raging Long Legs is the victim of the sexual parasitism by the Mitites because as Olimar states, they lay their eggs in the eggs of a female host. I found more evidence to support this and that is the fact that harvestmen and mites are known to share a parasitic relationship, the symbiont, in this case being the mites. Nothing too new here, just cement for what has already been dis…

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    April 2, 2014 by Furi3210123

    My name is Furi3210123, an Wikia user. I edited on other wikis and so I decided to edit on this wiki too. Funny how the first release of Pikmin in Japan was 3 days later after my birthday.

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