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Two Bulborb subspecies are known to have been cut from the final versions of both the Pikmin games. Both colors match those of the three main Pikmin types. Along with the Red Bulborb, each basic Pikmin type would have a fitting Bulborb had these not been removed. Naming used in the game's data makes it clear that these became the Dwarf Orange and Hairy Bulborbs in the game. Although Yellow Bulborbs do appear in Nintendo Land.

Blue Bulborb

In a beta video of Pikmin 2, a small blue creature is visible. It is clearly a Dwarf Blue Bulborb with white spots; it apparently acts like the Dwarf Red Bulborb, with the same health, attacks and weight. Its treasure value, however, appears to be 5 Pokos, whereas Dwarf Bulborbs are worth 2 in the game's released version. A large Blue Bulborb was never shown. Also, Purple Pikmin can carry the weight of one Pikmin. With the video provided, the Dwarf Blue Bulborb can be carried by one White Pikmin when it is three that is needed.

Yellow Bulborb

Yellow Bulborbs appeared in the same video as the blue one, but in an above-ground area that bears a striking resemblance to the Forest of Hope. Some Dwarf Yellow Bulborbs were also seen, and seemed to walk slower than other dwarf bulborbs.


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