Beebs refer to a family of creatures found only in the Nintendo Land attraction: Pikmin Adventure. Beebs are typically made up of purple orbs as bodies, four slim legs, and eyes with stalks.

Creepy Beeb 

Creepy Beeb NL

A Creepy Beeb as seen in the Nintendo Land Plaza.

The Creepy Beeb is the most common Beeb seen in Pikmin Adventure. They come in a variety of sizes, but are generally very small. They attack by ramming into players. They can be easily killed in a few attacks. 

Bombardier Beeb

Bombardier Beeb NL
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The Bombardier Beeb is an uncommon varient of Beebs that explodes when disturbed. 

King Beeb

King Beeb NL
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The King Beeb is one of the first mini-bosses in Pikmin Adventure. He is a lot larger than normal beebs, and functions similar to normal beebs, rolling around the arena, attempting to crush Pikmin.

Bladed Beeb

Greater Bladed Beeb
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The Bladed Beeb is the first Beeb that is a major boss. It's body has two purple orb segments: the head and the abdomen. It highly resembles a preying mantis with blades for hands.

Greater Studded Beeb

Greater Studded Beeb NL
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The Greater Studded Beeb is the final boss of Pikmin Adventure. It is essentially the same thing as a Bladed Beeb, but with Spike Balls for arms, and being more challenging to defeat.